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A few dramas that were left out of the last post for the simple reason that they are not kdramas. Here are three historical cdramas (okay, one is hkdrama) for you. All of them deal with the life in emperor's court, but duuring three different dynasties in three different millenia.

Schemes of a Beauty )

Beyond the Realm of Conscience )

Jade Palace Lock Heart )

I just finished the last one two days ago and got really confused with the ages. At first they really didn't indicate how much time has passed since her arrival. A few years maybe. Then she got married and 14 years passed, soon afterwards four more years passed. That would mean she spent at least 20 years in the past. Then she travels back to the future. Some time has passed, but it doesn't feel like 20 years, for example her fiancé is still around. So she got young again? Nobody is surprised she has aged twenty years? I just don't get it. The fact that they didn't even try to make the actors look older as the time passed doesn't help at all.
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This year I have done a lot of finishing old dramas on hiatus, so from the kdramas mentioned in the previous posts here and here only Merchant Kim ManDeok is still unfinished.

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child )

Ballad of Seo Dong )

Sungkyunkwan Scandal )

Iljimae )

Kingdom of the Winds )

Princess Ja Myung Go )

Conspiracy in the Court )

At the moment I'm watching The Duo. It's about a nobleman and a beggar switched at birth. There is very little information about it and even after watching 12 episodes I'm still not sure where it's going, so I'm not including it this time.

I'm not quite satisfied with the way this post turned out and I'm sure it's still full of broken sentences etc, but I've spent on it long enough. There are other thing to do with my time like sleep. Or maybe finish Jade Palace Lock Heart.


Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:30 am
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Happy new year, everybody!

Mother and grandfather saw a strange animal in the garden today. I only managed to see its footprints in the snow, but from their description my guess is polecat. I didn't even know ferret and polecat are not exactly the same before I checked today. Generally the same word is used for both of them in Estonian. It was interesting how it had mostly moved under the snow. footprints were only in few places and I found one of the tunnels it had made into the snow.

I would say more, but it's morning already and I really need to go to bed.


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